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These objects where created to corporate the exhibition „Johann Baptist Reiter“ at the NORDICO city museum of Linz.

The wallpaper takes a close look at the pieces of furniture existing during that time. Besides the chairs with curved legs, that everybody connects to the Biedermeier period, there have been a lot of different chairs, tables, pieces of furnitures. In the vein of a carpenter‘s drawing I designed a wallpaper showing Biedermeier furnitures projected on the wall.

The „record folding hat" brings together two very important topics during this period: fashion (dandy fashion with folding hats) and music (house music, that became very popular in this time span). I created a folding hat in the design of a record, that can be folded and put into a record cover.

The "book safe" shows books by Biedermeier writers, such as Grillparzer, Stifter and Droste-Huelshoff, transferred into safes for small objects. This refers to the Biedermeier habit to hide objects at home and to count them on a regular basis.


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sales objects


NORDICO city museum Linz/AT



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