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Aged trees, fresh offsprings, 1000 different tones of green, rose, red... the magic beauty of nature follows patterns, but lies in variation and imperfection. A melodie needs breaks to breath. A pattern design as well. No leaf of one tree is like another, but all of them are leafs, part of one tree. The variation doesn't break the rhythm, but rather helps it. 

My process of designing follows these conceptions. Textile and Fashion designing bring together my interests in various art fields or techniques and I can profit from my experiences in different art directions. In a game of action and reaction my designs get to life. My inspirations lie in polarities of young/old, fresh/used, geometric/floral, destruction, past eras, weathered surfaces,... everything. An uninspiring moment just reminds myself of training the eye to recognize the beauty and magic around or to see beautiful things in ugly, uninspiring ones.


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